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d.c. to ring in the new year!




so, now you've seen our time in new york, indiana & our unexpected road trip. to round up our travels, we made a quick trip up to d.c. ryan grew up there. we met there. we got married there. & we just love it.

we saw some dear friends. roamed around alexandria (amazing sandwiches & soup here!). but mostly we were getting sick, so our swanky hotel (which had champagne for us when we arrived!) was such a nice respite (one benefit of traveling for work is you have points for fun trips!). we had to swing by the georgetown dean & deluca (a great place to find fresh fruit when you're traveling ... & incredible sweets). up next, a really fun dinner we had with friends in their new digs (you're not going to believe this apartment!)

p.s. i finally saw this movie & it was just as good as i thought it would be!


unexpected road trip.


christmas in indiana.


new york christmas.


r+m christmas.



before we jetted off to see family in new york & indiana, we had our own little christmas in our new house. as i mentioned, stockings are a BIG deal in my book and ryan knocked it out of the park. all sorts of little things i love.

the funniest thing was we both had made requests (ryan asked for starbucks caramel & i requested my favorite peppermint oil from aveda) and we both got the other person two bottles instead of one. we must love each other THAT much. i'm also super excited about barefoot contessa's latest cookbook and having some jamie oliver goodness! what was your favorite gift?


funny married conversation.

the other night i got home from a trip for work and my boss had given me this really neat book of quotations. as i was unpacking, ryan was flipping through it. he got to this one by mark twain (that goes onto say, "throw off the bowlines, explore, dream, discover") so, he reads it to me and says "that's pretty neat." (indicating he hadn't heard it before). so i say, "you've never heard that before?! that was my quote in high school!" ryan looks up laughing and says, "you would have had a quote in high school (...pause...) mine would have been like, "ppaarrttyyy..."

the funny thing about marriage as soon as you think you've got each other figured out, you remember there's this whole time in life you didn't know each other. ryan knows enough about me to know i was a huge dork in high school, and would have had an inspirational quote. another one of my favorite examples:

a few months ago, when we were in pensacola, we were home making dinner and realized both of us had an opportunity to work out that day for the first time in a LONG time. he'd run on base and i'd gone downtown to my favorite route. i immediately say, "it felt so good to finally run, my body was like, 'thank you, thank you, thank you!'" ryan looks up shocked and goes, "really? my body was like: *&#! you!! we had a deal!!" i laughed so hard.


our stockings!


stockings were a really big deal in my family growing up, so for our first married christmas last year, finding the perfect stockings was really important. i searched high and low and knew as soon as i saw these, they would be perfect! they're hung by the fireplace with care. xo


and, we're off!

it's here!! as you read this, i've left my computer at home, signed off my blackberry and am sitting next to my sweet husband on a plane to new york to begin our christmas marathon. we'll be in new york with his family, indiana with mine, and then dc to see friends. given ryan is deployable the next few christmases, i am especially grateful for these days ahead and plan on soaking up every second. we're going to get some really good time with our families and each other. i can't wait to be back with photos! in the meantime, i have some fun posts lined up. so, check back in, or go off the grid like me ... and i'll see you in the new year! xo

p.s. how great are these photos?! click on them for links. ryan and i won't quite be this dressed up, but i do have a new outfit i got ridiculously on sale at j. crew this weekend that i'm pretty excited to wear today!

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