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first weekend of spring.

this weekend was soooo good. it was over 60 degrees both days, which made my heart happy. we took looonnggg walks, sat on our front steps, talked with neighbors & made big plans for our yard and garden. dreams of outdoor dinners seemed possible & soon. these images begin to tell the story:

1. dinner with new friends!

2. late night mcdonald's vanilla cone (remember this mini-date night?). sun roof open, good music, almost forgot we're adults with a mortgage.

3.  the new paint in our family room is a-mazing!! sherwin williams gray clouds is phenomenal -- can't wait to show you the finished room! every time we walk past/in the room we say something about how much we LOVE it. it feels twice as big & like it gets twice the natural light.

4. i tried the cinnamon buns hair from cup of jo & absolutely loved it. what do you think?

5. to ring in spring, i snuck away saturday afternoon for a much needed pedicure. a stack of magazines & bright coral on my toes did my soul good.

6. saturday night, we got home from a really long walk & were excited to cook dinner, but oh so hungry. we put together this little cocktail hour. my grandmother calls this "hot hor d'ouevres" which i always think is so funny (because of course it's just crackers & cheese)

7. because the paint was still drying in the back room, all our books were off the bookshelves & in our living room. i nestled down to read & ryan snapped this photo.

how was your weekend?!


our sunday.

one of the best things about t&f is we almost always have a camera on us. on sunday afternoon, we went to ryan's favorite, lowes, before heading to base to finish a project he's been working on for a few weeks. i just love hanging out with my husband (& lowes is growing on me :).

then, we headed home to hang out with ryan's roommates from the academy. i just love these boys. their training/deployment schedules mean they're hardly ever in the same place. it's absolutely hilarious when they're together. 



this morning, ryan woke up & said, "i feel like a monster." i said, "please go back to bed until you wake up not a monster." i hope he was going to be a monster as friendly as this one!


everything in its place weekend.


one of those weekends.


history of love.

as i was thinking what to post on valentine's day, i was going through some old photos. i thought the above set sort of says it all about why the past four years, and all the non-valentine's day acts of love, have been such a blessing. we're definitely taking time to pause today & reflect on how grateful we are for one another, but we try to do that a lot. (ok, ok, we got excited & actually exchanged gifts last night, on valentine's day eve, and then had breakfast for dinner. it was awesome.)

some explanations of the above photos, since most of them were pre-t&f:

the top one is one of my all time favs. it was on our first trip to nyc together. it was POURING the entire time we were there, but we refused to let it damper our plans. for some reason we had in our mind we'd begin by finding the financial bull (neither of us can remember why) -- we got super lost & by the time we got there, we were sopping wet. my "rain jacket" actually didn't repel water, so after this photo we switched jackets & ryan looked pretty ridiculous in mine.

the next two photos are from our epic 13 day, 11 state road trip one summer. this trip confirmed i wanted to spend the rest of my life with this guy. what's funny, is look at ryan's t-shirt in the donut photo (it says game over). this was way pre-engagement, but we stopped at a dollar tree in georgia, saw these shirts and bought matching ones. we showed up at lizzie's house in them, just to see if she'd actually think we eloped. we still have 'em.

the next four are all from our time in p'cola. it was such a blessing to begin our married life there (something i realize more each day). i especially love the photo where ryan is about to pour water on me. when i just showed ryan that one he smiled and said, "you probably deserved it." and i immediately responded, "definitely." 

the next one is fall in c'ville -- being in one of my favorite places, in one of my favorite seasons, with my favorite person. the last one is from this christmas -- i just love doing life with this guy.

we're making dinner here & watching a movie tonight. what are you up to?! xo