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let's catch up, part two.

some more fun to catch you up on:

1. right after ryan got home & we got to celebrate our big news, our dear friends, kaitlin & andy came to visit from denver! we were beyond excited about this visit & had so much fun with them!!

2. i also learned that virgin mango mojitos are amazing!

3. we have silly husbands.

4. one of my favorite pregnancy stories thus far involved a trip to our favorite bagel store right when my morning sickness was starting to really kick in (little did i know there would be weeks ahead where i wouldn't dream of walking in a bagel store!). i really wanted to try to get some protein with an egg & cheese bagel, but wasn't sure i could stomach it. so, i thought about a safer bet of a bagel with cream cheese. when i explained this conundrum to ryan he enthusiastically said, "get both!!" and then "I'm going to do that too!!" and so began ryan loving when pregnancy means he gets a philly cheesesteak or unexpected trip to get ice cream or two bagels.

5-6. in the midst of weeks of not leaving the house when i felt so, so sick, there was this one saturday where i had a glimmer of feeling good. it was a beautiful day, so we found a park to get some fresh air.

hopefully, we'll be pack to regular photo taking soon! xo


let's catch up.

so, to be honest, our trusty camera has been gathering some dust recently. i miss capturing our life & getting to share it with you here. there have been a few moments in these past seven weeks or so when i've felt well enough or we had the camera handy & so let me catch you up:

1-3. had an amazing group of girls over to decorate easter eggs & it was oh so fun. we stood in our tiny kitchen and talked for 2 hours, but eventually wandered over to our big dining room table & started hatching plans (pun intended) to decorate them. we marbleized them (add olive oil to dye!), used electrical tape to make designs, and just dropped them in the dye & waited to see what happened.

4. i was also waiting to tell ryan our BIG news & was afraid i'd forget some of my earliest thoughts about this little one. so, i wrote him a card. isn't this one fun?

5. mother's day has never meant more -- this was my present for my amazing mom. who doesn't love cute cupcakes?!

more soon! xo


sunday afternoon walk.



sunday afternoon we explored one of our new favorite walking routes (it happens to be close to one of our favorite places to go get frozen yogurt...). everything was coming up in blooms & it felt so good to get so much fresh air. it's becoming a new family tradition on sundays & i just love it.


weekend with friends.





we had such a wonderful weekend with our dear newlywed friends, molly + jack. a little glimpse:

1-3. a little peak at our guest room! you might remember this chalkboard project, which continues to be a hit. 

4-5. so, i got a little carried away. desperate to use my china, i put on the dog for molly + jack. ryan came home to the table set and i immediately said, "i know it's a little much, but i'm a little much!!" & he gave me a huge smile.

6-7. my sweet husband ran to the hardware store before they arrived (i always have an absurd number of projects i want to try to finish when guests are coming...) and he came back with tulips & a latte. gosh, i'm lucky.

saturday was so wonderful -- we went on a walk & grabbed lunch, then took some girl time/guy time. molly & i went to get pedicures & j.crew (classic, right?!) and the boys went to see the helos & this awesome bar (just playing our roles ;) then we met up at our place to watch butler win (wahoo!!) & have a great dinner.

8-12. sunday morning was absolutely gorgeous. we slept in & went to a new-to-us brunch spot that was so great.

next up, sharing a wonderful walk ryan & i took sunday afternoon. how was your weekend?! xo


our kind of weekend.


brotherly weekend.