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two years ago.

it was our wedding day! two amazing years later, i'm so grateful i get to do life with him.

back with thoughts on marriage soon; here are photos of the day we tied the knot.



thought you might like to see some bits of our life recently:

1. on my trip home to indiana, my mom made sure i had one of my absolute fall favorites.

2. ryan was gone flying & baby girl wanted to say hi, so we sent him this photo!

3. my dad's. famous. pancakes. enough said.

4. my mom's friends threw me an amazing baby shower. these diaper cakes stole the show!

5. love getting outside on the weekends. fresh, crisp air is the best.

6. finally sat down with the baby book to write a little about this pregnancy & a note to our little girl. LOVE this book & am so excited to write in it over the next year.

7. evening drive by the water.

thanks for being patient with me during this pregnancy -- these past few weeks have been a totally different kind of tough than my first trimester, but we're taking it one day at a time. & are beyond excited to meet our little girl soon (who just kicked!).


life & my new iphone!

i've long been a mac person (got my first one when i left for college), but just made the switch to the iphone & boy am i in love! for lots of reasons, but instagram is definitely one of them. it's so easy to capture our every day life & all those small moments that matter. if you're on, search for me at tulipsandflightsuits & it's making me a better tweeter, so follow me on twitter here!

from the top: ice cream outing (cliche, i know); saturday morning stop at one of my favorite local coffee houses; all dressed up for date night! (still didn't know where we were going, but my handsome husband was in a suit & tie and i got to wear this dress that works with my growing bump!); loving date night (fancy steak dinner!); sunday morning blueberry muffins!; lowes run (husband's favorite place to be); best score at local consignment sale -- $2 for trumpette mocs for our little one!; getting some fall color for our house!

happy monday!


some scenes from the weekend!



i have no idea how we pulled it off, but we had one of those rare weekends that proves to be both restful & incredibly productive. we saw the help (a-mazing), went to the pool, slept 12 hours saturday night, ran into friends unexpectedly & had a long lunch, watched some netflix & sat on the porch. that said, we also run a ton of errands, got a kick start on this little one's room & even did some yard work. that never happens! it's soooo wonderful to have some energy back this trimester & even better to have a whole weekend just the two of us!

1-2. long overdue pancake breakfast (yes, with place mats and a runner that hardly match & the new architectural digest with will & jada smith's home!)

3. tomato soup on a rainy afternoon.

4. base at sunset for a quick errand (and milkshake...)

5. our little girl's first piece of furniture -- an incredible bookcase! we're trying to send her very clear signals about how important books are! ;)

6. 22 week bump shot -- can't believe i'm five and a half months!

7-8. paint choices for the baby's room. "popular gray" for the walls (it's a gorgeous, serene, soft grey) and "in the pink" for some fun accent projects. december is going to be here before we know it!

alright week, with an amazing weekend behind us, let's dance.


we're back & bump shots!

hi!! so, we're back from an amazing week away & i can hardly wait to share a bunch of photos/details with you, but while i get those ready, i thought i'd share this little series of photos. the place we stayed had STUNNING gardens, so one night before dinner, we tried to capture a few bump photos.

these crack me up, because these were three ryan took in a row -- the first was him saying something hilarious to get me to loosen up (i am SO awkward having my photo taken, especially by myself), then me trying to get it together, and then a little 19 week bump shot. more to come with the rest of the vaca photos.

cannot believe i'm 20 weeks tomorrow & we're going to find out of baby y is a boy or girl!! big week. xo


ode to ryan.

so, in this post on my first trimester, i mentioned ryan deserved his own post (and gold medal) for what he did during the first trimester. everything in our lives turned upside down -- the foods i could eat, the energy i had, both our work schedules, everything on our to do list, where i could literally be in our house (my nose is a tracking device these days), what we could get done in a day or weekend.

i suddenly couldn't ever be in the kitchen or go to the grocery store or really even think about food. i didn't touch a load of laundry for two months. we never knew if i'd be well enough to get in the car & go somewhere. all while my job was more intense than ever, ryan was transitioning to a new squadron, we were trying to re-do our backyard (oy), and life in general charged on.

ryan would get two eggos ready for me every morning (even if he was leaving for base at 4 a.m., he'd put them by the bed). he kept the house well stocked with gatorade and goldfish. he made countless mcdonald's fries runs. he'd go to the pharmacy & grocery, sometimes several times a night. when I got nauseas in a store, he'd run to get me white rice & salt from panda express, and stand with me while i sat on an exercise bike (the only place i could find to sit down) and took 45 minutes to eat it all. when we went to a restaurant & i had a bad wave of nausea and had to run to the parking lot, he brought four things out & sat on the pavement with me as i tried to eat them. when none of them sounded good, he wasn't discouraged, he put his arm around me and told me he'd go to every restaurant on the block if that what it took to find me something i could eat. (we ended up with a waffle cone of vanilla from dairy queen!). he'd read to me at night so i could stay distracted & fall asleep at my new bedtime of 8:30 p.m.

even more than these acts of love, he kept me going. it sounds funny, but when i started to get sick, we had a routine (ice pack, chair, mouthwash!). he did everything he could to get me comfortable & keep my morale up. when i had nothing left to give & felt like giving up, he'd remind me how amazing this baby is going to be & how strong i could be. when i didn't think it was possible to smile, he'd say something so funny, i'd be belly laughing in no time, forgetting how miserable i was.

if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know this pregnancy isn't the first time i've been incredibly grateful to be going through life with ryan. you know how intentional we try to be about our marriage. that said, the rubber hit the road these past two months & ryan was more loving and present than i could have possible imagined. 

as you might imagine, now on the other side, what i realize is not only was it all worth it because we have a healthy baby on the way, but because it strengthened our marriage in ways i didn't know were possible. we were in survival mode, we had each other to lean on, and we made it. 

this won't begin to be the hardest thing we endure together (parenting is on the horizon!), and we hardly did it perfectly, but i am so grateful to ryan. i also wrote this post because there is so little dialogue on marriage today, and what it really takes, and i think on its' best days t&f can be a home for that conversation.

image here!