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link love.


two years old folks -- i'm telling you, it's the best. seriously, i mean yes it's a little charles dickens "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times" but mostly -- it's just awesome. i'm with sydney and am thinking of launching a fan club. i really need to start writing down ellie quotes, but one of my recent favorites is that she has been captivated by the idea that ryan & i fell in love. when we were in dc a few weeks ago, we kept showing her the places we fell in love. days later, we realized she took this literally, as she knocked me over in an aggressive hug on our attic floor she squealed "i fall in love with you!!"

fast forward a few weeks -- she & i are crossing the street to go to a park, she says, out of the blue, "mommy, you fall in love with daddy?" i responded "yeah ellie, i did" (long pause) and she goes, "oh .... one time... i ALMOST fall in love with daddy, we in sailboat!" my favorite parts are that a. she used one of her favorite current storytelling tricks "one time..." b. she ALMOST fell in love -- not quite and c. she has never been on a sailboat.

my other favorite trick up her sleeve is when ryan is leaving to go to the squadron (a new favorite word of hers that sounds a lot like chocolate when she says it) she'll try to stall him by saying "hold ON. daddy. HAVE to tell you a story." he'll walk over and crouch down, she'll sigh and squeal something in her this-is-the-most-exciting-story-you've-ever-heard-voice like "we going to NEW chick-fil-a!!! ... that my story." i can't imagine where she gets this from. ;)

ok, ok, this post was supposed to be full of links! here we go:

it's been a long time since i've thought about engagement photos, but geez louise, these are stunning!

so, so true.

it's on my bucket list to make my own cinnamon rolls, at least one time. these might be it.

this blog is my new fav -- makes me laugh so, so hard, such an authentic voice, such a window into motherhood.

and super random, but these two toddler girl dresses at baby gap would be such beautiful flower girl dresses!! 

most of all -- happy weekend, you earned it!


link love.

it's hard to believe in a few days it will be march -- we're definitely ready for spring around our house & eager to see things begin to grow! in the meantime, here are some things i've loved recently:

i can hardly wait for this book to be published -- what a beautiful speech on writing

so, this little pitcher is so great.

we're reaching a good place with the care & keep of our house (it's been over a year since i began!) it's an ongoing process, but i've learned so much and am eager to do more posts this spring -- all to say, i loved this about how the beginning of the year can be a great time to dig into cleaning & simplifying.


what a stunning way to organize jewelry!

to me, the parenting done in this conversation is like watching a superbowl quarterback -- it is stunning.

photo above: with my favorite person at my 30th birthday party -- he's just so great.


link love.

in all the hustle & bustle of this week, i wanted to share some things i've been loving:

so, i could spend from now til christmas making these santa videos -- they're incredible for kids & HILARIOUS for adults.

this is a beautiful, beautiful piece on a first year of marriage.

love this simple, creative act of motherhood & homemaking with a toddler.

oh pimento cheese, i heart you!

so, this nursery is amazing.

i cannot put this book down!

this two minute video on empathy is so, so good.

this is one of the most beautiful, heartfelt things i've ever seen.

and my oh my this little girl above who is about to be two (?!?!) she is at such an incredible age. her new favorite word is "maybe" but she has no idea what rules govern its use so she just uses it a lot; she also is very excited about christmas -- what she has clung to the most is that jesus was born (every time she sees our nativity she shouts "born! born!") -- and her favorite songs: little drummer boy (rumpumpum) and jingle bells! wishing you all the joys of this season from our little family! xo


link love.


there's been some really, really beautiful writing going on -- posts that have really stuck with me. i've found myself talking about them with ryan or friends for days & going back to read them again. i'm so grateful to stumble on pieces that are so beautifully written -- that challenge me or surprise me or inspire me, or all three at once. happy reading!

a beautiful, poignant piece on marriage.

a brave, vulnerable post on a space to heal & how significant that can be.

this is a wonderful playlist -- i'm gonna listen to it right into fall.

my sweet friend claudia's wonderful thoughts on her son brayden. (& a photo of him that will make you weak in the knees!!)

also, e in a ponytail gets me every time. remember when she was this little?!


happy weekend & italy!




hi!! our little family is in italy for a bit -- i can't wait to share our adventures in more detail when we're back home, but for now, hop on over to instagram (@tulipsandflightsuits) to follow along. above are some of my favorite moments so far (seriously -- coffee + nutella gelato, does it get any better?!) i wanted to share some of the things i've been loving lately, these are just so, so good:

i'm so thrilled molly is writing another book (i pretend we're good enough friends to be on a first name basis). if you haven't read her first book, a homemade life, add it to your summer reading list -- it's one of my all time favorites.

what a precious, simple way to announce a baby boy!

one of our new favorite tv shows is nashville (SO good) -- if you're a fan, you have to see this song by the two daughters. e & i have listened to it so many times!

these engagement photos are stunning! (i happen to know the beautiful bride & photographer behind the shoot, so they're even more fun to see!)

this might be my new favorite nursery of all time.

ok, so this happens to be my best friend's family, so i'm biased, but these might be the greatest family photos i've ever seen. the love & joy they have for one another literally radiate off the photographs. the sweetest thing is this was a mother's day present from all those kids (and two spouses!) -- what a wonderful idea for a family vacation!

date nights are so important, here are two things that caught my eye recently -- this adorable free download where you can issue a formal invitation & this idea for an at home date night: videotape the story of how you met & fell in love -- tell the story together and see how it comes out! you could even keep it simple & use your iphone to record it. we'll be trying this soon!

one other small announcement: i recently decided to get off facebook. while i love social media -- especially instagram, pinterest and blogs, i just couldn't handle facebook anymore (other social media so often encourages me, i found facebook does the opposite). the one thing i'm sad about is i know many of you used that to see when i had a new post up. i'm sorry i won't be able to do that anymore, but please feel free to bookmark this page, follow along on feedly or on instagram (i'll alert you there when there's a new post up!) thanks for understanding!

have a wonderful weekend! xo


around here.


most nights, after e is asleep, ryan & i head out to the porch. with some beers, we watch the sunset & breathe & talk about life. usually the sun has been down a long while before we head back in to do dishes or fold laundry or catch up on modern family/the mindy project/nashville. one evening, i grabbed my camera to try to get a few shots of my handsome husband -- as you can see, he takes very seriously having his photo taken for t&f!

it's the perfect time of year to pass long hours on the porch -- just warm enough, no bugs, perfect for a candle or two. the other night, i heard an ice cream truck! i think the inner kid in me is thrilled i can chase it down. i grabbed ryan's wallet & literally sprinted, high school track style, three blocks to catch it. ryan was laughing pretty hard when i came back, arms raised in victory, with the goods...

sorry it's been a little quiet around here, there's been a lot going on for our little family. here are a few things i'm loving -- back soon with some more regular posting.

these are incredible lifetyle family photos.

this pullover sweatshirt from gap is my new favorite thing ever. i even wore it on a date night! i have it in navy & am excited to snag a few other colors when they go back on sale!

have any of you gone shampoo free? my hair has been so frustrating since pregnancy/childbirth, i'm willing to try anything.

this home was completely inspiring to me -- it captures so much of what i hope to do with our home. a welcome place for curious children; beautiful, simple design; so many deeply personal touches.

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful wedding.

this heartfelt letter makes me so excited for the days ahead with ellie.

baked potato grilled cheese? sign me up!

have a wonderful day, friends!



i'm excited to share some of the things i've been loving recently & answering a few reader questions (ellie, on the other hand is busy eating cheerios on our stairs while she wakes up from her nap & anticipates our afternoon adventures outdoors!), ok, here we go!

i love the simple joy of lighting a candle -- these beeswax & this hot cider one caught my eye!

man, i wish i could live in alli's pinterest boards!

i would love to invest in a painting one day & thanks to paige's stunning blog (you really need to check our her new old house!), i found the artist we'll go to whenever that day comes!

given i talk about our homemade lattes a lot on this blog & instagram (tulipsandflightsuits if you want to follow me!), a few of you have asked what we use to make them. we received a version of this espresso maker as a wedding gift and love, love, love it -- i love the process of making an espresso shot -- pressing the grinds, etc. the frother on the machine hasn't worked that well, so i heat the milk on the stove or in the microwave & then use this to get the froth right. 

this post on kitchen essentials & this one on measuring & substitutions gave me a lot to think about with our kitchen and how i cook/bake. it's a new to me blog i'm really loving!

oh blackberry farm, one day, i'm coming to see you.

i've been thinking a lot about storytelling for our family -- this book really made me think about how much i loved the stories my dad told me growing up. i am so inspired by these cards to help parents with ideas for their stories -- let's support this little venture to get these cards made! (p.s. be sure to watch the video -- it's so neat!)

i'm loving this blog on ideas for montessori activities i can do with ellie!

the above photo & lots of the recent ones were taken by this camera -- we use our iphones a lot, but when we really want to be intentional about taking photos, this is the one we're using. i'm really excited to learn more about the camera in the coming months -- i have a LONG way to go, but really enjoy the process of getting behind the camera & seeing what i can capture. plus, i'm constantly inspired by so many bloggers who are just so, so gifted.

what have you been loving recently? any other questions i can answer? have a great day! xo


oh hey there & links!

hey y'all! i know posting has been sparce around here & the good news is, very soon i'll be able to give a more full explanation & posting will get back to a steadier rhythm, but for now, hang with me!

i've got some fun posts planned for this week (ellie's nursery included -- at long last!) & i miss you guys & this little space. here are some links to kick off your week that have warmed my heart & inspired me:

the above fall mantle, makes me want to spend a bit of time bringing ours into this season (my very favorite season!)

exactly how i'm feeling about motherhood right now.

cup of jo will always be my favorite blog, especially for posts like this & this.

i'd be really happy if i could live in this tumblr. love, love, love.

west wing cast reunites for a commerical. please tell me there will be a movie one day?!

parenthood is back on & the first two episodes made me cry. is this normal?!

can't get over this cute dress.

ok, monday, let's dance.