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link love.

doesn't this photo just scream happy monday?! two big thumbs up from ellie girl to you!

and here are some links to fill up your cup:

a good reminder in a constant effort to not let "being busy" run our lives.

e & i are making these mini whole wheat chocolate chip muffins stat!

one of my absolute favorite games as a kid was guess who -- this is SO NEAT, i'm thinking if ryan & i really get our act together for christmas we might try to pull this off for ellie's gift! meaning i'll watch and try not to screw things up as ryan makes this! (ha!)

my sweet friend kaitlin is coming for a visit in september (YAY!!!!!!) and one of my favorite parts of her visits is trying new recipes after the girls are asleep -- mostly appetizers and desserts, because that's what we live for. this siracha lime corn salad and frozen hot chocolate are at the top of my list! (we'll report back!)

this has climbed the charts as one my favorite blogs -- so, so inspiring, beautiful writing, authentic voice, stunning, simple images.

we recently added this tiny tool to our kitchen and now i'm not sure how we lived without it! we also make guacamole almost daily. it's especially good for busy three year old hands who want to help!

have a GREAT week! xo




link love.

well, this little girl (can you believe how old she looks in this photograph?!) & i are waiting for this baby to arrive and thought we'd share some links with you:

such beautiful advent calendars you can make found here & here!

just finished this book, which is the best i've read all year. add it to every holiday gift list you have!

this video made me laugh so hard!

just my kind of fall appetizer!

i just love this blog & this post especially.

happy wednesday!


so good.

hi!! so, i was just telling myself that there will be more time next week, when e is back in school, and surely life slows down a bit, and that then i'll write a post (right...) but then i thought about some of the things i've been reading recently and how GOOD they've been. how much they've filled up my cup (or how hard they've made me laugh). and how much i would want to know about them if i hadn't stumbled upon them yet. how many times i've thought about them since i read them. brought them up in conversation. read them aloud to ryan. and so i'm here to share a few with you in hopes they might be a balm to your soul.

our little update is that this summer has been so, so good. our first one together as a family since ellie was born, and we've soaked it up in simple ways. we've mostly been here -- at the park, in our backyard, gathering tomatoes, spending evenings with dear friends, heading to the ocean, painting with ellie, doing a bit of nesting for the new little one, simplifying our home a bit more, sharing meals together. somehow it's almost september, i'm 29 weeks along with this little one (!!), fall hit the skies of virginia incredibly early this week (70 degrees in august is just incredible) and i'm feeling really hopeful about this next season. ryan checks out of his sea tour squadron this week, ellie begins another year at her sweet school soon, and every day we get closer to meeting this sweet little girl. life is full.

fill up your mug with coffee and settle in:

her writing just gets me. every. time.

a beautiful, poignant letter to her pre-mom self. amen.

i don't need much encouragement to be convinced a 740 sq foot house would be oh SO good -- having watched her work and admired her so, so much, this interview with elle rowley completely inspired me.

this video. so, so powerful. two things: the likelihood of you crying is pretty high, and you should have your subtitles on.

ok, so i realize this is likely a small group of you, but for those of you somehow connected to military aviation, my guess is your house has no shortage of memorabilia (ha!) -- that said, this design company that does pretty incredible posters for individual squadrons. ryan worked with them to design something for his current squadron and what they created was something i was excited to hang in our house! (we chose the canvas which i love the look of!)

and if you need a really good laugh, this jim gaffigan bit on having four kids pretty much is a nightly viewing in our house.

have a great week! xo


link love.

i mentioned in this post how much blogs have been an encouragement to me during these months of morning sickness -- i thought i'd share some of my favorite recent links in case you're looking for some inspiration:

this great post triggered my most intense pregnancy craving to date -- and since then, i've had an uncountable number of these sandwiches (i can't even imagine when my own tomatoes are finally ready!) the other thing i can't get enough of? plums -- which are unbelievable and in season right now!

cup of jo comes through for me again -- awesome ideas for nurturing strong relationships among siblings! also dates with your child -- YES!

such a neat summer craft: cardboard dream catchers.

loved this post about motherhood and the white flag (wonderful babysitters are the way i'm hoping to find more time to write).

need a fourth of july t-shirt?

piece on marriage that rightfully has been getting a lot of attention.

will be making these soon, they're perfect for a summer gathering!

happy fourth of july! xo


link love.


two years old folks -- i'm telling you, it's the best. seriously, i mean yes it's a little charles dickens "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times" but mostly -- it's just awesome. i'm with sydney and am thinking of launching a fan club. i really need to start writing down ellie quotes, but one of my recent favorites is that she has been captivated by the idea that ryan & i fell in love. when we were in dc a few weeks ago, we kept showing her the places we fell in love. days later, we realized she took this literally, as she knocked me over in an aggressive hug on our attic floor she squealed "i fall in love with you!!"

fast forward a few weeks -- she & i are crossing the street to go to a park, she says, out of the blue, "mommy, you fall in love with daddy?" i responded "yeah ellie, i did" (long pause) and she goes, "oh .... one time... i ALMOST fall in love with daddy, we in sailboat!" my favorite parts are that a. she used one of her favorite current storytelling tricks "one time..." b. she ALMOST fell in love -- not quite and c. she has never been on a sailboat.

my other favorite trick up her sleeve is when ryan is leaving to go to the squadron (a new favorite word of hers that sounds a lot like chocolate when she says it) she'll try to stall him by saying "hold ON. daddy. HAVE to tell you a story." he'll walk over and crouch down, she'll sigh and squeal something in her this-is-the-most-exciting-story-you've-ever-heard-voice like "we going to NEW chick-fil-a!!! ... that my story." i can't imagine where she gets this from. ;)

ok, ok, this post was supposed to be full of links! here we go:

it's been a long time since i've thought about engagement photos, but geez louise, these are stunning!

so, so true.

it's on my bucket list to make my own cinnamon rolls, at least one time. these might be it.

this blog is my new fav -- makes me laugh so, so hard, such an authentic voice, such a window into motherhood.

and super random, but these two toddler girl dresses at baby gap would be such beautiful flower girl dresses!! 

most of all -- happy weekend, you earned it!