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house update.

our new digs are really feeling like home. we've been here five months, put a lot of love into things & are really loving it. that said, making this place ours takes resources, and so we're taking it one phase at a time. this next phase we have some key details we'd like to add that are one part function and one part lovely. here are some of the things we've been looking at:

throw pillows. our bedding is all white and we need some color in our room & the guest room, as i mentioned earlier this week, this & this pillow are the leading contenders.

we've managed to break 3 of 5 mixing bowls since we moved in (?!). we've decided these plastic ones will be lighter and slightly more durable.

our attic, which i'm so excited to show you, in an amazing place for storage, but we need some more bins/containers. i'm loving everything at the container store, but specifically this mesh tote.

i think this basket is good looking and oh so useful (i'm thinking of putting it by the stairs because i seem to make endless trips up & down to carry things)

our living room is one of my favorite places in the house. currently, we only have one overhead light, which makes it hard to read/not quite as cozy. i've had my eye on a lamp like this for a long time.

what do you think? i could really use your help now, we have a few other key pieces & i'd love to know the places you go to find:

  • night stands (we want something a little unique, high quality & that we'll love for a long time)
  • in the family room, we need something at the windows, i've been really drawn to curtains with thick horizontal stripes (that's a fun room and i want to do something bold in there) -- i can't find them anywhere. any etsy seller who does custom work for a reasonable price? other ideas?
  • rugs, in pretty much ever room. we have gorgeous hardwood floors, but a few rooms need some warmth. 
  • a white breadbox for the kitchen

would love to hear your ideas on where to find these! more after photos soon! xo


molly + jack digs.


i love our fridge right now.


just love seeing friends & family every day! p.s. love our chalkboard wall?





we are ready for christmas!

quick aside, a few months ago, i was sitting on a plane in front of a little girl who was on her very first flight. as soon as she was seated and ready to go, she was under the impression the plane would immediately take off (wouldn't that be nice!) so, she very sweetly kept saying, "reeaddyyy, reeaddyy." when, at last, we finally started taxiing (for about 20 minutes in all) she became very concerned (we still weren't flying) at that point she started offering helpful advice to the pilot: "higggheerr, hiiggghhherr." when we finally landed, she burst into applause and said just as many times, "good job! good job!" i'm sure other passengers were annoyed, but i thought it was hilarious. "reaaddyy" has become an inside joke in our marriage. any time i'm impatiently waiting on something (which is a good amount of the time) i say, "readdyy, readdyy."

so, we are ready for christmas! and loving it in our new digs!!


living room.


it's hard to choose, but i think this is my favorite room in our new house. i love all the natural light. the hardwood floors. the incredible fireplace. and i wish photographs could begin to tell you how comfortable that couch is. ryan & my favorite thing is to lie with our backs on opposite sides reading, it's the most cozy place to be. i love the old trunk. the mason jars from our wedding. we still need some art for the back wall and some awesome things for the table behind the couch. but, i'm picky, and it's going to take a while, and i love how this place is becoming home bit by bit. more rooms to come, but what do you think so far? xo

p.s. do you see the perfect place for the christmas tree? me too -- back soon with this room decked out! 


touch of christmas.

my new favorite touch of christmas -- replacing our fall potted mums with little rosemary trees (they look a heck of a lot like little christmas trees!) and, you have fresh herbs on your porch. they brighten our entry way right up. lots more christmas to come! xo