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holiday entertaining.



ryan & i are hosting our first thanksgiving this year (eek!) and i can hardly wait. i got even more excited when i saw these sneak peeks in holiday entertaining from west elm. i love the platters (ryan has received a nutcracker every year from his mom as a tradition and i just love these platters!) also on our list for our new digs -- rugs (we don't own a single one) & gallery frames (because you can never have to many!)

p.s. any ideas for our first thanksgiving at our house?! and, hat tip for getting me to west elm, goes to this lovely blog.


all stars of the move.




so, yesterday i gave you my favs from our wedding registry. i also wanted to share the all stars of this move. we are down to the final two boxes and this place is really feeling like home and we've learned A LOT. there are a few things that have been crucial to this process (click on photos above for links!):

method wood cleaner: i love everything about this cleaning product. it smells great, gets the job done and keeps our tables, dressers, etc. looking fantastic.

seventh generation cleaning products: when you move in a house that has essentially been under construction for two years being refurbished there is a lot of dirt, dust, grime. i wanted to be really mindful of the amount of quality time i would be spending with these products and was grateful to have natural products that didn't give me a headache, but got things super clean.

garmin nuvi: there are not words. this has saved us endless hours getting lost, help us find something to eat stat, or the nearest starbucks in a pinch and gotten us back home each and every night. i view it as essential, especially for military wives.

this simple white weave shower curtain: we needed something that didn't cost a gazillion dollars, but looked great. i bought it for the master & then went back and got one for the guest room. it's simple and makes you feel like you're in a fancy hotel for just $24.

levelor blinds: i mentioned that we moved into a house with no blinds and that quickly became an issue. we are first time home buyers and needed to find something inexpensive, but that we still thought we would like on our windows in 6 months to give us some privacy. we LOVE levelor cellular shades. in pretty windows like ours, they hardly look like they're there and the best part is they make light filtering (we used this in the living room, dining room, upstairs hallway) and room darking (for the bedrooms). ryan was able to install all of them (bless his heart). 

this guy: i am so incredibly lucky to be going through life with him. he has hung a dozen shades, fixed the shower faucet, built two ikea bookshelves, made umpteen trips to lowes/target/chick-fil-a for me, stayed with the plumbers while they literally got tree roots out of our pipes, moved boxes to & fro, and been my rock through this whole transition.

ok fabulous readers, what would you add to this list? 


creative spaces.

loving this set of creative spaces. so, so important in a home. found via here. xo


restoration hardware.



have you seen what restoration hardware is up to for fall? gosh, i just love it.


moving update.

we've been in virginia for a week & in our new house for a little less than that. today, ryan heads back to flying with his new squadron & i have two weeks before i start my new job, so getting settled is in full gear! for those of you with moves ahead, i thought i might pass along some things i've learned, mistakes we made, etc. as my mom would say, put this in the "for what it's worth column."

1. if you are moving a long way, don't arrive exhausted (it makes finding a new home -- which should be thrilling -- really difficult) -- break the road trip up as much as you can. stop and visit friends. take the scenic route. soak up the distance you are traveling.

2. go with your gut -- we tried to "make" a few houses work. buying a house (or even renting) is a HUGE deal. this is where you will come home every night. where you will kick your feet up. where you will feed your family.  if you don't find the right one, as nemo would say "just keep swimming, just keep swimming." we found the right one and it was worth the wait.

3. on a minor note, pay attention to the details. there wasn't a fridge in our house, no big deal we thought, even that it was a good thing (french door fridge, here we come!). we measured, and thought 24" deep was totally normal. we learned it's not ... that is a counter depth fridge ... and they cost about a THOUSAND dollars more than normal fridges ... so, yeah :)

4. have a chevy chase moment and laugh about it. the very first night we were in the new house, we shared a two liter diet coke (i don't endorse over use of caffeine, but it was fun and we stayed up really late and got our whole kitchen unpacked!) so about midnight, after 15 hours of unpacking, i was sooo ready for my first shower. i get in and 20 seconds later the faucet literally projectile shoots off the wall and hits me in the leg, scaring the heck out of me. i get out and ryan says, "that was quick" then realized what has happened and helps me move our only shower curtain to the other shower ... and we had a good, long laugh about it.

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drumroll please.


this is our new house in norfolk!! we are literally moving in today, so these are the "before" photos and i can't wait to share the "after" photos when i've had some time to nest/decorate/get settled/make it ours. as you know, this has been an exciting newlywed season for us (our one year anniversary is around the corner!) and i feel so blessed to be going through this with ryan. these past few days have given us a lot of inspiration for taking this blank slate of an adorable house and making it our home -- take a look back at the guest posts here, here, & here and my own inspiration here & here!

p.s. the last two vertical photos are of the ladder stairs to the attic & finished attic. can i tell you how excited i am about this storage space?! i about fell over the first time i saw it!


guest post: sf girl by the bay favs.

so, i'm clearly so excited to move to virginia, begin a new adventure with my sweet husband & nest in our new home -- and while i'm in the throws of making that happen, i've been lucky to have some wonderful guest bloggers share rooms they love and the homes they've created -- today we have a queen from design blogging, victoria from sfgirlbythebay (!!) on t&f to share some rooms she's loving right now. she needs no further intro, but do swing by pinterest and here's a guest post on road trips i did for sfgirlbythebay!

Hi readers! It's Victoria from sfgirlbybay, popping in today to guest post on Tulips and Flight Suits. I love Mary's blog, so it's quite my honor to be here today. Mary asked if I might share some room decor that makes me swoon, one of my favorite pastimes...hunting for that perfect I'm having fun picking out a few favs to show you. Here's what's currently making my heart sing.

I pretty much adore everything about this beautiful home. All the Scandinavian white, the simplicity, and that gorgeous pink rug. Oh, how I'd love to have that rug! (via light locations).

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guest post: ampersandity's apartment.

we are in for such a treat today -- cathie from ampersandity is here to share her lovely new home -- as you will see she has taken such care in EVERY detail, it's such an inspiration for me as we move into our new digs. even better, she is so generously doing the first ever giveaway on t&f with one of her lovely address stamps! more on that in the next post!! with no further adieu --

My husband and I just moved into our two-bedroom apartment about a month ago, and we’ve been busy-busy-busy trying to personalize it and make it our own. It’s always been a conviction of mine to put the effort into making each home a true “home”, even if we only stay there for one year.

We still have all the little details to take care of – wall art, mirrors, accessories, clocks, etc. But in my opinion, we’ve made for ourselves a pretty good foundation to work off of.

So without further ado, I will share two of my favorite spots in our humble abode. First up, our living/dining area:

This is our main room, which serves as both a living room and dining room. I have loved this deep teal color for as long as I can remember & finally decided to be bold & paint our wall that color. Absolutely no regrets. :] Our sofa is probably our most favorite piece of furniture in the house – it was our one splurge when we got married & we adore it for its form & function.  This is where the hubby & I hang out at night, where we eat snacks & talk when we have company, and where our friends used to sleep when we didn’t have a guest bedroom. ;]

It was a deliberate decision to put the dining table right next to our window, so we would get lots of natural light when we eat. I love photography, especially photographing food, so this was a must! (Confession: Our first apartment didn’t get much natural light except by the sliding glass door, so I would often plate my food & photograph it on the floor by the window. Kind of insane, but you gotta do what you gotta do!) I love the view of our color-coordinated Expedit bookshelf and my growing collection of vintage globes on top.

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