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master bedroom update.

i'm really excited to share some more photos of our sweet little house with you in the coming weeks. the only room you won't be seeing many photos of is our master bedroom. it's just bleh. it's pretty empty and the only things in it are random, not quite right pieces from other phases of life.

i would love for our bedroom to be a retreat, and a warm, inviting place in our house. so, one of my projects this year is to update it a bit. the thing is, it's not going to take too much -- a lot of the pieces are elsewhere, and just need to be brought together. plus, you know i love a simple room! thought i'd be sharing some of the things that have been inspiring me.

1. i've never had a headboard/bed in my adult life -- always a mattress on a metal frame. so, seriously swooning over this bed, though it's likely way out of our price range, so still hunting!

2. seriously digging these night stands! was able to see them in person when we were in dallas -- love how deep they are & the design!

3. we need a soft, cozy rug -- was going to do something neutral (but alas i always do that...) so might do something kind of fun. anyone have a favorite rug?

4. going to get a photo of the two of us done on canvas for above the bed. snagged a great groupon for canvas on demand thank to some good friend's recommendations!

5. my sweet maid of honor gave us this frame, in ivory, for our wedding present. this is ridiculous, but it has been sitting on our floor!! soooo ready to get it up on the wall, above the chair below for a little reading nook. i love the ee cummings quote on it: "i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) i am never without it (anywhere i go, you go my dear)"

6. i have a great, old leather chair from college that i can't wait to bring to this room!

7. every good reading chair needs a cozy throw, i'm loving these from west elm -- hard to beat that price!

what am i missing?! excited to show it to you when it's all spruced up! xo


it's front porch time!

one of the many things i love about this house of ours is the wonderful front porch. trouble is, there's been no place to sit or gather since we moved in. well, that's all changing this weekend! we have two big white rocking chairs & a porch swing that will be taking center stage.

they hold the promise of lots of summer evenings on the porch with dear friends. because i can't resist making things a bit more cozy, i just snagged these two pillows from west elm (they're on sale!). plus i know we'll use them anywhere we move as they fit our navy life by the water oh so perfectly. our front porch doesn't quite look like that top photo, but a girl can dream...

are you doing anything to get your porch/yard/garden ready for summer?


around our house.



i love these digs of ours & am really trying to be present these days. so, some small bits to share with you:

1. on a saturday afternoon, baby was sleeping & i managed to get a whole hour with a candle, some tea & this book (which i LOVE).

2-3. our living room remains my favorite room in the house, especially in the evening with candles lit.

4. these branches make it feel like spring is here.

5. sometimes i feel like i'm living groundhog's day with the laundry ... do you?

6. had some friends over for a baked potato bar -- it was so fun!

houses are always a work in progress, but i'm really loving ours these days & resting in that.

p.s. photos taken with instagram, you can follow me at tulipsandflightsuits!


getting ready for kaitlin's arrival!


our house this christmas.



some belated photos of our home this christmas. we decorated the weekend after thanksgiving & our decorations are still up (we're busy with more important things :) so we've gotten the most out of this year's tree & garland! what an incredible christmas it was. xo


cool kid's rooms.

digging the details -- the map shade, the teepee, the solar system, the sunlight ... can't wait to find out if baby y is a girl or boy, only a few more days! found here & here.


guest bedroom swooning.

if either of these happen to be yours, i'm up for a visit anytime! found here & here.


our family room!


ta-da! at long last, here is the next room in our house i'm so thrilled to share with you! (by the way, it cracks me up that when we moved in last september, i thought i'd be showing you the finished house within weeks ... turns out a real house takes a lot longer to get settled than a dorm room!)

we absolutely love this family room. i kinda love that we finished it right before we found out we had this little one on the way & so our family was growing. i tried to capture all the little details -- from the garden prints by the door that leads out to our backyard garden, to the collage of photos that always warms my heart, & the American flag that was a wedding gift and will no doubt be in every home we live in.

what's that you say? you're in LOVE with the striped curtains, stunning roman shades & pillows?! me too!! to say i had a very specific vision for this room is an understatement -- i knew i wanted grey paint, thick horizontal stripe curtains and a cozy couch with pillows to tie it all together. bad news is i can't sew & couldn't find anything like this anywhere. then ... i stumbled upon martha & ash! what's funny is two of my best friends are named martha & ash, so i was initially captured by the name, but after a few exchanges on etsy with ash (i just looked, we've now exchanged 68 messages!!), i knew this was the PERFECT etsy store for me.

ash walked me through each step of the process -- we sent photos & diagrams back and forth until we were sure it was perfect. it felt like i had my own interior designer who was just as determined as i was to make it perfect. the curtains (they are blackout by the way, which is amazing!) came with fool proof instructions on how to hang them, she even helped me pick out the grey paint color and rods (& advised me on where to hang them). they also found a fabric i'd seen on pinterest for the throw pillows! bottom line is, i will be going back to martha & ash time and time again. (i'm already dreaming something up for baby y's room!)

so, if you're swooning, i have awesome news: tomorrow martha & ash is generously hosting a giveaway for one of their stunning throw pillows on t&f! so scurry back over tomorrow to enter. in the meantime, check out their etsy store -- i know you'll love it!

p.s. our living room, laundry room, & the house the day we moved in!