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happy weekend!

happy weekend! so this week has been pretty pathetic around our house, we've been sicker than dogs. the good news is we took really good care of each other (love it when those vows we made become so practical -- "wow, we both feel terrible, so even though i can barely move, i'll go get us some tea") and are slowly on the mend. it's been hard after the holidays to have such a crummy start, but we're going to get good rest this weekend and begin again on monday. incredibly grateful for a husband who loves me so well, even when i'm a total mess.

in the meantime, i'm planning on making some hot chocolate & i haven't seen any wreaths cooler than this succulent wreath. click through for links! how was your week? xo


happy weekend!


it's here! and these photos are a not so subtle hint at what i'd love this weekend - a beautiful snowfall. probably not in the cards, but we're definitely having a christmas party & open house -- i can hardly wait! aside from our families, we really haven't had friends & neighbors over to see our new digs. well, we've decked the halls, have a fun menu planned & can't wait to open our front door. i'll be back next week with a re-cap! in the meantime, cozy up by a fireplace & enjoy the stillness of this time of year. xo

(click on each beautiful image to find it's link!)


happy weekend!


the weekend is here! so excited for a quiet weekend at home. ryan's mom is visiting and we're going to be super low key getting ready for thanksgiving! love the above photos of sarah jessica parker and emma watson (so classic and stunning all at once). here are some other things i've oood and awwd over this week:

so cute.

how to properly warm up.

can i please have extra hours in the day to make one of these wreaths?

totally inspired by this video about rifle press.

chocolate and peanut butter is always a solid combo. yum!

madewell gift guides are amazing! p.s. i love these t-shirts of theirs

fingerprint prints!

you guys are the best. go have a wonderful weekend!


happy weekend!

sweet readers, i cannot tell you what all your kind words have meant this week. i took a leap in sharing some more personal thoughts on our first year of marriage and being a navy wife -- your reaction to those posts has meant so much. ryan & i have read every single comment and email. i have one more longer-ish post for next week entitled "far from perfect" & then promise down the road i'll keep posts like this coming. i'll also continue to share beautiful things & awesome bunk beds!

ryan & i are off on a little getaway to celebrate our anniversary, so i'll be back on monday to share some photos and stories. we're headed to a beach -- and this photo is from our favorite beach in p'cola! we both just LOVE being near the water. have an absolutely wonderful weekend! xo


best year of my life.

i cannot believe sunday is our one year anniversary. in so many ways, i cannot remember what it was like not to be married to ryan, it seems like it's the way things have always been. in other ways, i feel like i've only blinked since that truly amazing day.

we're in st. louis for the first half of the weekend, but sunday we'll be home going through photos and telling good stories about our big day! (for those of you who were there & a huge part of our lives: thank you). next weekend, we're celebrating with a little getaway just the two of us!

next week, i'll be back with photos of the big day and then some thoughts on our first year of married life and my first year as a navy wife! have an amazing weekend! xo


happy halloween!

i hope you have a most wonderful of halloween weekends! we are so excited for a quiet weekend at home and our neighborhood party (this is a BIG holiday on our street and we're excited to be a part of it!) what are you up to? xo

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