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rain, rain go away.


so, as i type, i probably should be building an ark. we've been home owners for two days and our backyard is quite literally a lake. our sump pump in working in overdrive. we've already had plumbers out to get tree roots out of our pipes and really, we just keep laughing and pretending like we're in a chevy chase movie!

so, i'm excited it's october and ready for some fall days where leaves fall instead of rain. i begin my new job on monday (eek) so we're going to soak up one last weekend in our new digs before we hit the ground running once again.

here are some things i'm lovin:

eight no carve pumpkin ideas (my favorite is with happy tape -- genius!).

cutest holiday line! can't believe christmas things are out!

lloovvee these finger print wedding bands (trying to see if we could still do this!)

cutest bridesmaid gift i've seen.


now, go have a wonderful weekend! xo

p.s. click on cute images above for links!


weekend love.

phew. what a week. so as you're no doubt tired of hearing by now, getting settled has been a bigger task than i imagined. we're getting there, but living without blinds in our bedroom (hello neighbors!), sheets for our bed, a refrigerator (thank you sweet navy wife for loaning us a mini one!), and when i can't seem to get our floors clean to save my life, i've learned a lot about myself and how not well i tolerate being unsettled.

now that i've admitted how shallow i've been (it was hard not to delete that last paragraph i literally said "ugh" when i reread it), i want you to know this weekend is going to be different. i'm going to count my blessings (numero uno being my sweet husband who has started in a new squadron this week and come home every night to happily take on a mammoth honey do list & not given up on me :), soak up this amazing house, sleep in, take a walk around the neighborhood, go to church, and take these remaining tasks one at a time. i'm going to be grateful for the roof over my head, this new community we're becoming a part of, and if it rains, i'll be excited we can smooch like this.

what are you up to this weekend? can't wait to see you back here next week!


happy weekend!

happy friday!! we're headed to dc to be with these dear friends as they tie the knot tomorrow (isn't this photo adorable? their wedding is going to be incredible!). we can hardly wait to be back where we met & spend time with lots of our favorite people. have a wonderful weekend -- see you on monday! xo


summer nights.

are the best. soak up these last few & have a wonderful labor day weekend! xo


happy friday!

so these lovelies were what ryan brought home last night after a particularly tough week. he's finished his last flight, we knooww we're moving, but they just won't tell us where (norfolk? san diego? jacksonville? hawaii? gaum? japan?). it's been a lot of "hurrying up to wait" and exhausting for both of us. i'm grateful for marriage and the weekend, and the fact that we'll finally know on monday -- you'll be the next to know! ;)

without further adieu, some things that kept me going this week:

oh wow, indiana wedding & gorgeous paper goods

it's been too long since i've baked ... cherry rosemary scones? okey dokey!

i love good breakfast spots. nashville, this looks like yours!

awesome do it yourself idea ikea + rope = stud boy's bed!

have you seen j. crew's new bridal store in nyc? check it out here!


going to a wedding!!

we're in atlanta to watch this amazing couple tie the knot and there are not words to contain my excitement. they are literally two of my favorite people on the planet and i have been looking forward to this weekend for oh, about, eight years.

so, here are some things that inspired me this week:

at our new house, i'm going to have herbs in vintage tins.

i love that president obama wrote the author of life of pi because he read the book with his daughter.

weekend projects are the best. especially when they turn out so lovely!

i know you're like me and have always wanted to see joanna's house, and toby's nursery to boot!

oh, oregon, you're on my short list of places to visit.

you don't want to miss this catskills cabin.

now, go have a great august (?!) weekend and i'll see you back here monday!


friday socks.

so this week has been a doozy (hence the inconsistent posting) which makes me even more excited for this weekend. i promise to come back next week with lots more posts & have some fun ideas i'm excited to share. in the meantime, i thought you might love to share your friday afternoon with these:

lovin this ode to summer weekends.

this is the way to do a road trip!

i know this sounds silly, but i've struggled to find good coasters. i like these a lot.

homemade vanilla extract? talk about christmas shopping done early.

i have never had pimms in my life, but molly can convince me to try just about anything.

this commencement address from harvard business school really moved me.

i hope you have your friday socks on and that you have a fabulous weekend. means so much you swing by t&f! xo


happy weekend!

i'd love to hang out in this backyard! nothing like strands of lights to add a little magic to a summer night. i'm so ready for the weekend, there really aren't words. so, instead a little link love for you:

such a cute way to announce you're having baby no. 2

i have some leftover spring roll wraps, so i'm totally going to make these.

i want to go to/host a favorite things party! you in?

spiced iced coffee that looks divine.

our new house might need this rug (& it's in our budget! i love ikea)

hanging drop terrarium. the very idea takes me back to third grade science wonder.

have an absolutely wonderful weekend!!