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happy weekend!

woohoo! it's here! ryan & i are loving our marathon run of weekends at home. we're getting to know our new city better & getting all sorts of things done around the house. wanted to share some really lovely links with you before i run off:

a-dorable mini cake stands just added to my wish list.

baked pear oatmeal. that sounds like the perfect start to a day!

love everything about this look at winter & life.

most adorable family photos. ever. congrats on baby #4!!

really appreciated this very honest look at blogging. if you blog, it's a must read!

last weekend i discovered this new to me line of lingerie, really reasonable priced & adorable!

i wandered around paris for 5 days one summer in college & this photo above totally captures the sense of wonder i had. 


happy weekend!

ryan just came through the door in his flightsuit carrying these -- happy friday indeed! excited to spend a low key weekend with him. making dinner + netflix movie tonight, low key day tomorrow doing some work on our attic, babysitting for some sweet friends adorable baby boy tomorrow night, church sunday. can't wait! and it's supposed to be 60 degrees! woo hoo! what are you up to?


happy weekend!


these images (click for links!) are exactly what i'm hoping for this weekend. some good ice cream with the husband. a whimsical way to escape being an adult for a while. and some good food with dear friends. so ready to stay put for this winter weekend. what are you up to? before you take off, here are some fun links:

simply lovely's round up of beauty products is amazing!

20 questions that could change your life. (perfect for a road trip!)

this 7 year old has way better style than I do!

haven't you always wanted to know how stylish emersonmade's home is? 

this simple asparagus dish looks divine!

a pancake birthday party that is ridiculously wonderful. 

love this san diego bungalow! (ok, all bungalows)

see you monday! xo


happy weekend!

this will be my weekend motto. it's been a big week on t&f & i'm incredibly grateful for all your kind words. it's been so nice to pause, reflect & celebrate with you -- now onto year two!

this weekend is also going to be really quiet. one of the wisest things my mom told me growing up was "you can have it all, but you can't have it all at once." what i've found is when i try to have it all at once, i end up weary & sick. & that's where i am now. i've been on an airplane 9 times in the last week (& in eight states with all those layovers...) and my body has had enough. my second dreadful cold of january has me craving some quiet time with a book & my husband & some good old comfort food. also a time to pause and reflect and make sure i'm spending my time & energy where it should be.

i still have a few wonderful questions to answer next week (i haven't forgotten!) & am hoping you have a wonderful, quiet, joyful weekend. you deserve it. xo


happy weekend!

as you read this, we're en route to boise, idaho (!!) for one of my dearest friends' wedding. i can hardly wait. so many good friends will be there & it's bound to be a snowy wonderland. ryan & i LOVE going to weddings together & are excited to be in the great state of idaho for the first time. in the meantime, i have some really awesome links for you:

this made me laugh. the whole set of photos is great.

i am pretty much in love with GOOP, and i think this might be the best one yet. love this take on how amazing women balance work & life. (it inspired me to clean out my closet, get things to the dry cleaner & get two pairs of pants hemmed -- i feel like a new person!)

adorable his + hers nightstands.

holy moly. pretty much the coolest place ever to have a wedding. or vacation. it's on our list.

my new favorite commercial. ever. the best thing was we watched it & ryan goes, "i don't get it, why can't he stop?" me "because the baby will wake up! you have to keep driving!" & we had a good laugh about how crazy it will be to be parents together one day.

& the headboard above. a-mazing. well, i finally figured out what we're doing in our bedroom!

have an absolutely wonderful weekend! can't wait to see you back here next week -- it's the one year anniversary of t&f, so we'll have a lot of fun & i'm going to answer some more of your wonderful questions! (it's not to late to add some to the list!)


happy weekend!

it's here!!! three day weekend and we're off to a wedding we're so excited about. so ready for a little road trip with my husband & to see some dear friends. some seriously awesome links for you:

to quote my MOH for life, lizzie, "i found your twin." ryan, you can count on this as a present one day, seriously one of the most thoughtful/perfect husband gifts i've ever seen. and such a testimony to what marriage is about: taking care of each other.

sorta wish i'd registered for this espresso machine - it's the perfect size & chic.

so, we kinda make fun of my dad when he wears socks with sandals. how did j.crew manage to make it look cute? (top right image on link!) they're unstoppable!

cutest. baby shower. ever.

adorable wedding present.

january is a month to keep wreaths up. love this book page one.

p.s. on the tag above: "a journey is like a marriage. the certain way to be wrong is to think you control it." - john steinbeck, image found here. love that image & quote!

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