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happy easter weekend!

i'm so excited for this weekend! first, it's easter. feeling so blessed to be at our new church & with new friends. secondly, ryan has been gone at some crazy training for two weeks & i haven't been able to talk to him, so this weekend i'm beyond excited to hang out with him! finally, tonight we're hosting a book party for the author of this book -- i love opening our doors & am so excited for more people to learn about this amazing book. will be back monday with photos!

in the meantime, blogland has been particularly lovely:

if you're looking for last minute easter table decorations, look no longer!

absolutely precious newborn photography.

perpetual produce calendars! eat locally!

it's been way too long since i made peanut butter cookies!

last year's t&f easter posts here and here!

click on images above for links!

happy easter to you! xo


happy weekend!


how much would you love to hang out all weekend in this room with this motto? i would! i'm especially excited for this weekend, because my dad is coming in for a little father/daughter time & i can't wait!

here are some a-mazing links for you!

love, love, love this something helpful.

gorgonzola risotto sounds divine!

dear j.crew, ditto to wit + delight.

i'm excited for the royal wedding too!

made me want to go to europe!

new favorite wedding video. ever.

now, go conquer this weekend! xo


happy weekend!

so thrilled it's the weekend, especially because these sweet friends are coming to visit! we're excited to show them around our new town, have long meals & enjoy finally having some sunshine. you can see more of their amazing wedding here (we had the same amazing photographer for our wedding!). we love doing newlywed life with them! before i go, here are some links:

new item on the bucket list, totally going to this precious cafe!

cannot wait to put cup of jo's guide to a cheese plate to good use!

oh & next time i make biscuits, i can't wait to use this recipe.

love these ideas for a spring closet.

see you monday! xo


happy weekend!

i LOVE this quote!

my travel has been so crazy i feel like i haven't seen or talked to ryan all week. i'm excited to get some solid time together, some fun things done around this wonderful house of ours, and see dear friends. we're also gearing up for a crazy april, so i'm planning on soaking up some calm. if you're looking for a great conversation starter for tonight, read this. we will definitely be discussing! see you monday! xo


happy weekend!

happy weekend! i've been traveling this week for work & am excited for a weekend at home with the husband. we have lots of house/yard projects & it's going to be warm enough to really enjoy being outside. by the end of the weekend, the family room will be painted & ready for curtains (can't wait to show you!) also would love to spend some solid time in the kitchen whipping up some good eats. before i go:

love the two images above, quote is from this lovely home.

really sweet way this couple told their parents they were expecting!

homemade, whole wheat goldfish crackers - yum!

going to try this hairdo this weekend, wish me luck! (i love the photos!)

thanks so much for reading - it means so very much. xo


happy weekend!

happy weekend! oh i just love this photo - when we're dancing i often stand on ryan's toes to try to make up for the foot height difference between us. so excited for this weekend, especially because my mom & dad will be in town! so ready for some great conversations, good meals & some solid work around the house/in the garden. before i run, here are some a-mazing links for you:

i'm beyond excited, because in a matter of weeks, i'm going to be able to share our rad family room with you. we're painting it next week & then we're going to put in incredible custom curtains by etsy sellers martha +ash. i found them on a lark & it has been a TRUE JOY to work with them! they also have amazing pillows!

hilarious video of a five year old who is VERY determined to have a job before she gets married.

design sponge did a guide to norfolk & it's perfect!

trying to figure out where i can put this map in our digs.

adorable house warming party. (makes me want to have another one! how many times can a house be warmed?)

love this engagement video! (how fun would that be to show your kids one day?!)

my whole life was changed with this intro to craigeasy!

love this spring line from zara!

see you on monday! xo