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link love.

in all the hustle & bustle of this week, i wanted to share some things i've been loving:

so, i could spend from now til christmas making these santa videos -- they're incredible for kids & HILARIOUS for adults.

this is a beautiful, beautiful piece on a first year of marriage.

love this simple, creative act of motherhood & homemaking with a toddler.

oh pimento cheese, i heart you!

so, this nursery is amazing.

i cannot put this book down!

this two minute video on empathy is so, so good.

this is one of the most beautiful, heartfelt things i've ever seen.

and my oh my this little girl above who is about to be two (?!?!) she is at such an incredible age. her new favorite word is "maybe" but she has no idea what rules govern its use so she just uses it a lot; she also is very excited about christmas -- what she has clung to the most is that jesus was born (every time she sees our nativity she shouts "born! born!") -- and her favorite songs: little drummer boy (rumpumpum) and jingle bells! wishing you all the joys of this season from our little family! xo


merry christmas!!!!

from our little family to yours! xoxo

here are our 200920102011 & 2012's cards! (all by minted!)


30+ candles.

on saturday night, some sweet friends gathered at our house to celebrate my 30th birthday -- we got dressed up, had some good wine & even better desserts -- including this birthday cake that was the recipe my mom made me on my birthday while i was growing up (my absolute favorite). it was one of those evenings where you can really take stock of how blessed you are by the people around you.

my clever husband decided that he would put 30 candles PLUS the lettered candles spelling happy birthday on that poor cake (making it 43 candles total by my count!). when i went to upload all the photos from the photo booth, i found these -- my amazing friend kristi grabbed my camera when ryan came in with the cake (what would we do without her?!)

i cherish these so much, especially that first one. (just in case you're curious -- i  blew all 43 out in one breath -- in my short speech on that, i'd like to thank 10 years of swimming & my competitive nature!)

have a wonderful start to your week! xo


entering in.


30th birthday.

so ... today is my birthday ... & I'm 30! a few of you who know me in real life are laughing right now, because you know i love my birthday a tad too much. for some reason turning 30, rather than making me more mature about this, has intensified it a bit (allison & ryan, sorry i've been bugging you guys for MONTHS with countdowns). i love to take a little step back & look around at this moment and so when i ran across this post, i thought it might be a good way to do just that. you can see my past birthday posts from my 27th (things I love); 28th (things I'm grateful for) & 29th (things I've learned) -- thirty, here we go!

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hi there!