hostess gift rule to live by.

a sweet friend came to visit last weekend & when she arrived, she presented me with a bottle of mrs. meyer's dish soap. i told her it was the PERFECT hostess gift & she said she tried to follow her mother in law's rule -- bring gifts that go away. instead of more stuff to clutter their homes, she tries to bring something her hosts will use & then it will go away -- i LOVE that. it is officially is a yonkman family rule for hostess gifts! i'm going to go out on a limb & say people from the south just get hospitality/generosity SO right (my friend is from birmingham & her MIL is from louisiana).

i started thinking back on some of my favorite hostess gifts i've received -- the four above took the cake! it's always helpful to have these around for last minute visits, dinners, etc. my mom has a shelf of thoughtful gifts at the ready & i've tried to do the same. so, if you're looking to stock up, here are my recommendations:

1. lovely notecards

2. fancy dish soap (the honeysuckle scent is so wonderful!)

3. gourmet baking (thanks ash!)

4. a fabulous candle

i'd love to hear your favorite hostess gifts! aren't we so glad when we get to do life with others & be welcomed into their home?