seven month old ellie.


ellie, i've literally been sitting here laughing looking through these photos. in some ways, all of them are outtakes. some readers might think i've gotten a tad artsy with this seven month old shoot -- the close up shots, odd angles -- little do they know that was how close i had to be to ensure we didn't take a trip to the emergency room as you dove off the ottoman mid photo! i had my camera set on the sports setting so we had a few non-blurry shots as you sped by.

you literally do not sit still. from the moment you wake up (and crawl up on the side of your crib to let us know how much you'd like out) to when your head finally hits the mattress again, you are off on an adventure. you have no interest in laying on your back. you crawl, pull up, shimmy, reach on your tip toes & lunge as you go about your day.

these images capture you, at this moment, so perfectly. the energy you bring to each day. that one little tooth we worked so hard to get in (seriously, can the rest be a little easier?) how much you love to stand. your sweet soul that we love more with each passing day. i also love that our favorite book of the moment, giraffes can't dance & your favorite teething toy made the photos (i'm noticing a giraffe theme in your life, we even brought you home in a giraffe blanket!). you've taken your adventures to atlanta, indiana, d.c., denver & idaho, all this month! my oh my is traveling with you quite the task -- let's just say you've never met a stranger & don't believe in sleeping on airplanes any more.

so, sweet girl, keep growing -- we love being on this adventure with you.

xo, mama & daddy

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