our trip to denver & finding grace.



ellie & i have been in denver visiting our dear friends kaitlin & andy. this trip has been long anticipated & we feel so blessed to get time with them. the trip came with an unexpected challenge -- on the flight out here, e & i caught horrible colds. this is the first time ellie has been sick & let's just say my nose is famous for catching sinus infections right quick. so, instead of what i'd pictured for this trip, there was LOTS of time indoors, cuddled up, getting better. 

in our five days here, i think we left the house four times. & here's what i learned: it's ok to go visit your best friend, fly across the country with your almost seven month old, & spend most the time getting better. i highly recommend having a friend who happens to be an amazing doctor, because that is incredibly comforting when your baby girl is sick for the first time & you feel just rotten. i also recommend having friends who love you so well -- who cook for you, and run to the grocery for you every day for another medicine/box of kleenex/cough drops. who happen to house sit for a house that has a steam shower, because that is oh so healing when you feel like i do. who hold your baby, and make her squeal with delight, and get the best giggles out of her i've ever heard. who seem to love her scream talking phase even if we all might have lost from hearing from her inability to find her indoor voice! there is such a blessing in finding people who really will do life with you, no matter in what shape you show up at their doorstep.

andy was so generous & on a night i was feeling a bit better, he babysat e so kaitlin & i could go snag dinner at root down. oh my word folks, it broke into the top five meals of my life. please hurry there if you are ever in denver. 

we're finally feeling better & off on one last adventure i can't wait to fill you in on.

so, mamas, if you look forward to a trip for months and months, to a wonderful place with so much to do, only to arrive sicker than dogs, try not to beat yourself up (as i did for the first 24 hours), because when you stop, you can discover new things. like a really fun game e & i made up on my bed that sent us both into fits of laughter or some old movies to watch as you fall asleep into a wonderful nap while the baby naps or that sitting on the front porch with a box of kleenex cause your nose is a spigot doesn't ruin a wonderful conversation with your best friend.

these are literally the only photos i took the whole time we were here, but that's ok, cause we were getting better and my iphone was busy using the white noise app to keep my baby girl sleeping for long naps (lifesaver). we'll be back again soon & are so grateful for this trip.

p.s. see my last trip to denver to visit kaitlin here!