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easy peasy sweet potato dinner.

had to share this really simple recipe my dad & i cooked up. it was inspired by a loaded sweet potato recipe i saw in some magazine a while ago: given sweet potatoes are one of e's favorite solid foods, so we'd be roasting them anyway, we decided to whip up an adult version.

it couldn't be easier -- roast sweet potatoes & brussel sprouts (depending on size 400 degrees for 30+ minutes). split the sweet potato open, chop up the brussel sprouts & spread them across potato. we then added dried cherries & shredded aged provolone, but go wild & throw it whatever you have on hand. i can speak for this combo -- it was delicious! what are you cooking these days?

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B loved sweet potatoes too. I love them too. They are easy, yummy, and give me a healthy sweet fix. I've been checking the blog but it's just been a while since I have commented. Still here! You are one of the top bloggers that inspires me to start up again. It's one of my goals during this time! xo C & B

07.27.2012 | Unregistered CommenterClaudia Bravo!

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