summer in indiana.








e & i recently spent some time with my family in indiana -- here are some of my favorite images from this really wonderful trip home. it was hot, hot, hot, so we spent lots of time at the baby pool, my grandparent's lake cottage, finding the coolest time of days to go on runs on my favorite trail & e figured out her summer uniform is just her diaper.

for me, it was such a blessing to get some time to go grab a latte by myself while e napped, or sneak in a run just me & my ipod -- not to mention so many days of my mom's cooking -- including the unreal limoncello pictured above. we also wished a happy birthday e's godfather, uncle sam, who (no joke) was born on the fourth of july. my parents are about to celebrate their thirty-third wedding anniversary (!!) so that last image is just one of my favs.

indiana, you're amazing. can't wait to see you again real soon.

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p.s. a big hello to all my indiana readers! xo

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