engagement photos of dear friends.


tulips & flight suits has always been a blog that has followed the seasons of my life -- in the beginning it was about our wedding, and newlywed days (almost three years in, i still think of us as newlyweds!), it then moved to creating a home, married life, navigating friendships & then beginning a family.

i was inspired to do a few more wedded bliss posts because some of our dear friends are getting married this year. they graciously have allowed me to share some photos & tell some stories! it is such a unique, important time -- we feel so blessed to be going through it with some amazing friends. in the coming weeks, we'll look at an engagement shoot, a wedding & a really creative honeymoon! the posts will focus on what is intentional & thoughtful, as well as some practical advice. this fall there'll be more goodness as a few of them tie the knot!

so, first up, some of our closest couple friends, doug & allison -- how great are these engagement photos?! i love how classic & timeless they are. they also capture these sweet, candid moments between the two of them & their personalities so perfectly. knowing these two in real life, these photos put the biggest smile on my face because it's so them. deanna casey (look her up if you're in virginia!) did an INCREDIBLE job capturing these two.

i've said this before, but i'm a big fan of engagement photos. they're worth the investment for a couple of reasons: first, they capture this really neat season in life. sure you have some point & shoot images of you two, but this is a chance to really document this time in life. secondly, they're amazing to have for really personal save the dates (wedding guests will be so excited to open their mailbox & see your faces announcing the big day!) and thank you notes (i love these & these). thirdly, for any kids you might have down the road, it will be so exciting to have photos of you pre-babies. i absolutely LOVE looking at photos of my parents when they were dating, engaged & newlyweds. i think it's so fun to think of them before i arrived!

some other really practical tips: you don't need to match, but it's a good idea to at least coordinate your outfits (the photos might look weird if you're wearing a coral top, and your husband-to-be is in orange shorts...) make sure they're clothes you feel comfortable in & look like you (you don't want to look back & think, "well, that's the only time in my whole life i wore a brown silk top -- why did i do that?"). i found that ryan was the best gauge for my outfits & vice versa, we could call each other out (in a loving way...) on weird/overly thought out clothing choices. secondly, if you are a bit camera shy/awkward/hesitant about the whole thing, it might be good to have a glass of wine/champagne before you get started. it will be just enough to ease your nerves. allison & doug were so cute to incorporate this into some of their photos with a little celebratory champagne toast! finally, i'm a huge fan of natural light/varied backgrounds. work with your photographer to pick a time of day (lots like early morning light) and place that will give you this. i love how the backgrounds of these photos just pop.

doug & allison are tying the knot in november (their rehearsal dinner is actually at our house, which i'm absolutely giddy about), so i'll be back with that later this year!

thank you so much to the amazing photographer behind this shoot, deanna casey, for allowing me to share these images -- head over to her site to check out her work! 

p.s. you can see ryan & my engagement photos here & here!

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