make up find.

i've spent the better part of a decade trying to find a foundation that would work with my skin -- almost everything has made me break out (more) or been too heavy or just looked terrible. i've stuck with loose powder & been pretty underwhelmed.

then, i had this moment where i was determined to find make up that really works for my skin (it also happened to coincide with being post-prengnancy & generally not feeling that great) -- and stumbled upon this amazing foundation.

i'll be honest, i bought this benefit make up for the cute packaging/font (which is RIDICULOUS), but now i'm hooked: it's light weight; i'm having less break outs since using it; & i love how it looks on my skin. just in case some of you are on this same journey (ugh!), i wanted to share my new find with you.

any make up finds you'd like to share? anyone else tried benefit products? would love to hear!!