what to do in the summer, according to mary.

know the trip to the beach is worth it, even when you know you won't get to lay down for one second with that baby crawling all over the place trying to eat sand!

finally tackle painting the dining room navy. when at first it looks various shades of turquoise, don't panic, it's just going to take four coats (!!). fall in love with that room all over again.

eat fresh fruit in cute ramekins. p.s. i love that word "ramekin!"

on a long, hot morning when you're out of milk to make lattes, take a field trip with your sweet baby girl to get an iced coffee.

make a rhubarb snacking cake for daddio for father's day!

when the baby finally naps, resist the temptation to grab your to do list & be still for just long enough to read a magazine & really enjoy a latte.

practically jump up & down when someone oh so thoughtful sends you the brightest tea towels!

how are you spending your summer days?