update from ellie.

hey y'all -- it's all big grins around here as I'm about to turn six months old! i've been keeping awfully busy & wanted to fill you in:


got some new pjs, which are fantastic for showing off my tripod sitting and crawling!

my favorite new game? "how big is ellie? soooo big!!!!"


sometimes, mama & I have to do a little photo shoot before we go run errands.


this whole eating solids business is a MESS! good thing mama ordered me some more pink bows so i can at least be dignified while i have rice cereal and sweet potatoes covering me!


i want to introduce you to two of my friends: first baby asher, who has the coolest way of crossing his feet when he sits & then my good friend, miss allison. i scream at her when she babysits for me, but it's only because i think she's the GREATEST.  

i rarely lay on my back anymore (even when mama tries to change my diaper...), but when i heard van morrison on pandora, i had to lay there a while (my dad explained to mama it was so i could play my air guitar). this made mama laugh pretty hard.


one afternoon, mama & i read this book (a new favorite of mine) & then i took a little nap while she had a snack & rested up!

well, that pretty much covers it. i've gotta get back to chewing on this book, but i'll be back soon! have a wonderful week! love, ellie