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family of three.

we just had some photos taken of our little family of three & i'm so excited to share them with you!

i'm a big fan of having professional photographs taken to capture new seasons in life (see our engagement photos, wedding photos, maternity shoot & newborn photos). clearly we have no shortage of every day photos in our life (ha!), but there's something about pausing & making the investment to have an artist capture your family that really matters. 

the photos above are some of my favorite black & white images (up next, my favorites in full color!). so many of them had me nodding my head, "yes, that's so us right now." the thing i love most is that they're aren't posed -- it's just us being us. hanging out, loving on each other, being present. we started out at our house, then went to a park nearby. it was a wonderful afternoon.

we were really blessed to have tracey sanders capture our little family of three (if you're in virginia, i can't recommend her highly enough -- she put us at ease instantly, was so sweet with ellie & the photos speak for themselves!)

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Reader Comments (2)

oh my goodness. i love these. i hope.. that maybe in a year and a half, we can make it to norfolk :) if so, i look forward to hanging out with your sweet family!

06.14.2012 | Unregistered CommenterBreen

The first image of you three in the bed should absolutely be huge and in your bedroom, it's just perfect!

I recently started working as a Production Manager for Design Aglow, a company that supplies marketing and design materials to professional photographers. Our philosophy is very much grounded in celebrating the artform of photography, which is so easily lost today with the technological ease of photography.

It's great to hear someone who takes such wonderful photos on her own still being able to appreciate the commemoration of a new stage in life with a shoot.

When I get married and have children I know I will want photos just like these. They celebrate real life in such a beautiful way. You'll be able to look back and see this part of your life in such a true light.

Haha whew! sorry to get all passionate, what I mean to say is these are lovely! :)

06.14.2012 | Unregistered CommenterSierra Kelly

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