update from ellie.

hey guys! boy do i have a lot going on these days -- let me tell you, being four months old is BUSY! all that sleeping i did early on didn't give me nearly enough time to find my toes or put toys in my mouth. i pretty much love this owl seat. see those buttons? they make the greatest noises. i usually try to match them with my voice, just to be sure mama is paying attention.

this is my walking buddy jackson. he is AWESOME. he's a bit older than i am, so he's always showing me the ropes. i was all nervous about sitting in the big part of the stroller, but look what a great time he is having! & that hat! i had to give it a try.

i was very brave. only made my mama carry me the last half of the walk. she's looking to get arms like michelle obama & i'm helping her out.


this is my friend finley. get this -- we were born at the same hospital almost exactly a year apart, with the same midwife! his birthday is christmas eve, and mine is the day after christmas, so we're going to talk each other through this whole birthday near christmas thing. right now though, finley is going to be a big brother, so he came over to hang out & get some practice. gotta say, he's going to be fantastic! he brushed my hair & we had a staring contest. (side note, my dad is a little weary so many of my friends are boys... he keeps saying he'll be in full camo on the porch when i go on my first date...) 

some mornings, i help mama make lattes. shhh dad is still sleeping! we're going to go wake him up soon though. we always do.


spring in virginia is beautiful, we're getting in lots of time outside (p.s. wind is crazy!)


so, two pieces of news: i'm sitting up tripod style! & we had some new friends come over & they brought me this book. have you read it? it's hilarious. mama & i are in stitches every time we read it!

had my big four month check up & i was super brave about my two shots. whew, hope i don't have to go back there for a while.


you aren't going to believe this: my mama wore the sweater in this photo when SHE was a baby. yeah, the same mama who's in that photo above, all grown up & not baby. can you believe she was ever that small? i got the biggest kick out of that. 

back soon, you guys are the best!