new york with e.


we had a really incredible time taking ellie on her first trip to new york. ryan lived in the city when he was a baby, so it was really neat to take e there & show her around. we could not have had a more perfect weekend with the weather -- BRIGHT blue skies, about 68 degrees and a gentle breeze seemed to follow us wherever we went. the city was so beautiful. ellie was amazing -- she slept in her sling in taxis & made herself right at home at our hotel.


we had an amazing lunch at friend of a farmer. sitting outside was so lovely & we swung by the hole in a wall coffee shop next door afterwards for a little cup of coffee. we love finding a local coffeehouse where ever we go & this place was just right. 


ellie seemed to really love the weekend -- she was taking it all in -- whether it was our big bed in the hotel room or the streets of new york from the comfy perch of her sling. it was really special to share the city with her.

friday morning, ellie & i let ryan sleep in a bit & went for a walk. i love looking up and seeing what that little corner of the city has to offer. we went back to our little coffee shop & ellie charmed the socks off a few new yorkers stopping by for their morning cup of coffee. it continues to amaze me how a baby opens up conversation with complete strangers.

later that day, we went to the 9/11 memorial. it's hard to find the words for how meaningful that time was. ryan made his decision to serve on 9/11 and being there with him meant so much to me.



we then spent the weekend out in the suburbs with ryan's wonderful family. ellie LOVED meeting them & was showered with attention all weekend. she even got in her bathing suit for the first time! we're really loving doing life with this little girl of ours & are really excited about the adventures ahead.

p.s. this trip through la guardia was MUCH calmer than the last time! :)