north carolina mountain weekend.

phew, i have a lot to catch you up on, but for now i can't stop thinking about our weekend in the mountains of north carolina. it was the kind of weekend that lingers with you because it was just that good.

we can start with the view from the front porch. this was a front porch living kind of weekend -- it started with coffee & pancakes, and moved to chicken salad from scratch, local bread & rocking chairs, then onto homemade pimento cheese, potato salad & burgers... and finally just laughter & candles flickering as the stars came out so brightly. it was the kind of weekend where there were m&ms in a bowl on the counter & good conversation was just out that screen door on the porch. it was a weekend of naps, long walks & baby watching.

this photo tells you why there was so much baby watching. these two absolutely stole the show. it is an INCREDIBLE thing to be with your dear friend's baby. ellie & jenner were beyond sweet together. there were more than one joke about these photos being the beginning of their rehearsal dinner slideshow. a mama can dream...

really, is there anything cuter? e was quite smitten.


these babies were well loved. ellie girl especially cherished learning about the mountains from uncle niko.


even bedtime in the mountains is fun. especially with a new friend & aunt kat to snuggle with.

plus, when you wake up, she's right there to read you olivia (ellie enjoys kicking the pages of books these days...)

finally, a cute mountain coffee shop to boot. it was a heartwarming weekend -- dear friends who loved us so well & memories we won't soon forget. see you again soon, north carolina.