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chasing pacifiers.

these days i spend a good deal of time chasing pacifers. sweet ellie is a good sleeper & she loves nothing more than her pacifier with her for those naps. trouble is, she loses it every now & then. she lets out a wimper as she tries to get it back & can't quite make it happen. i seem to sense this from wherever i am in the house & literally sprint to her room to find the pacifier (which is often not easy!) & get it back to her as quickly as possible. i softly tell her it's ok & she gratefully sighs and falls back into her slumber. this can happen upwards of six times in a nap (a few of you loyal readers & dear friends who have stopped by during her naps have watched this great chase :)

the thing is, i know this is a short season in life. soon, she'll be able to reach for it herself or no longer want a pacifier with a nap. it also won't always be this easy to comfort her or make every thing alright. the answer won't be as simple or as quick. so, i'm savoring these days. i seem to smile as i sprint to her room, knowing that for now, i can soothe her. so, in an odd way, i feel like adding "chasing pacifiers" to my resume -- it's one of my most important jobs right now. & though it may not be the most prestigious or complicated task, i'm oh so grateful for this baby & the chance to love her in this way. 

as i'm on this journey, i'm so grateful for blogging moms who are oh so honest. two of my favorites recently: joanna on toby turning two and natalie on being queen. xo

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Reader Comments (3)

the baby i nanny does the same thing

03.9.2012 | Unregistered Commentermorgan

your daughter is beautiful & you're reflection on chasing pacifiers is very true and something I reflect on everyday during this season of my life. like the nights my littlest wakes to nurse, soon I won't be nursing anymore, soon he won't wake and those tender intimate moments I had with him, those times I was all he wanted will have passed on.
happy weekend!
much love,

03.9.2012 | Unregistered Commentervanessa

Savoring your post. Savoring your little one. And can't wait to go home to savor mine! xo

03.9.2012 | Unregistered CommenterAlison

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