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getting ready for kaitlin's arrival!



last wednesday was a big day around our house -- the one & only kaitlin (ellie's godmother!) came all the way from denver to visit!! kaitlin & i have been dear friends since high school -- to say the least, we've been through a lot of life together. even though we haven't lived in the same place in 10 years, we've managed to grow our friendship in tremendous ways despite the distance. we've done this through visits (we've visited each other in bloomington, c'ville, madrid, pensacola, indianapolis, denver & norfolk!); emails, texts, letters, & calls at all hours. the best though, are the visits (remember this post?).

since it'd been almost a year since our last visit & right before her arrival she got some amazing, well deserved news (she'll be chief resident next year!) -- we had a lot to celebrate! so, ellie & i set off for trader joes to get ready! i took some photos of these preparations, from the top:

1. i ended up holding ellie through the final aisles at trader joes (don't worry i didn't bury her under there!) because our trip turned epic. (this stroller & caddy are the best!)

2. i had the best of intentions of making a cake, but when i saw this adorable one that no doubt was better anything i was going to whip up with the non-existent time before she arrived, i went for it. i rigged this little sign with some chopsticks, cardstock paper, sharpies & tape!

3. our framed chalkboard above the guest bed with a special welcome!

4. banana bread fresh from the oven. i baked up a storm so we could just eat & talk once she arrived!

5. fresh flowers & table topics for late night conversations in my favorite room of the house.

6. tulips, candles & cake awaiting her arrival!

i just love it when dear friends visit. next up, photos from the visit & how i asked her to be ellie's godmother (can't believe that was almost a year ago when i found out i was pregnant with e!). back soon! xo

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I love the stroller filled to the brim with goodies - ha! Good friends are the best to have come visit.

03.16.2012 | Unregistered CommenterAlli

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