christmas presents.



i sort of ended up opening my christmas presents twice this past year. here's why: i went into labor with ellie around noon on christmas day, right after we finished opening presents. on our last day in the hospital, i looked at ryan & laughed & said, "i have no idea what i got for christmas!" so much had happened in the hours since then, i couldn't remember.

so, after we'd been home a week or so with ellie, i went through my little pile of gifts & it felt like christmas morning all over again. i thought i'd share a few of my favorite things: this kate spade travel mug from my parents, this iphone case from ryan (way to go husband!) & this gorgeous jewelry case (no longer available from j.crew, sorry!) from my brother. so grateful for thoughtful gifts that were oh so me.

p.s. can't believe i'm posting this in march #betterlatethannever #christmasallthetime