some scenes from the weekend!



i have no idea how we pulled it off, but we had one of those rare weekends that proves to be both restful & incredibly productive. we saw the help (a-mazing), went to the pool, slept 12 hours saturday night, ran into friends unexpectedly & had a long lunch, watched some netflix & sat on the porch. that said, we also run a ton of errands, got a kick start on this little one's room & even did some yard work. that never happens! it's soooo wonderful to have some energy back this trimester & even better to have a whole weekend just the two of us!

1-2. long overdue pancake breakfast (yes, with place mats and a runner that hardly match & the new architectural digest with will & jada smith's home!)

3. tomato soup on a rainy afternoon.

4. base at sunset for a quick errand (and milkshake...)

5. our little girl's first piece of furniture -- an incredible bookcase! we're trying to send her very clear signals about how important books are! ;)

6. 22 week bump shot -- can't believe i'm five and a half months!

7-8. paint choices for the baby's room. "popular gray" for the walls (it's a gorgeous, serene, soft grey) and "in the pink" for some fun accent projects. december is going to be here before we know it!

alright week, with an amazing weekend behind us, let's dance.