girls weekend in d.c.



whew! this week flew by & i haven't even had a chance to tell you about the most wonderful of weekends! it was incredibly fitting that after this post, i got to spend a weekend with three of those girls in one of my favorite places: d.c.

as these photos begin to tell, we had an incredible time. molly planned our restaurant tour and holy moly, i'm now madly in love with posto, ted's bulletin & lincoln! we also wandered around eastern market, hung out at the pool, got our nails done, got sorbet & were talking about 15 hours a day on average (ha!). to top it off, they threw me a surprise baby shower which was too adorable for words! from the top:

1-5: epic brunch at ted's bulletin. we clearly loved the lattes & the homemade pop tarts were worth seconds!

6. wandering around eastern market!

7. my new favorite restaurant in d.c. has to be lincoln! it's american tapas & incredible!! plus, the entire floor is made of pennies, there's a paper mache american flag, the emancipation proclamation in lights -- honestly it's one of the more stunning atmospheres i've ever had a meal in!

8. hot d.c. day means sorbet before we had our nails done!

9. absolutely adorable surprise baby shower -- love, love, love these girls.

back soon! xo