our laundry room.


so, i can't believe after sharing my linen closet & closet, i'd post about my laundry room, but honestly, this room makes me so happy. it used to be this plain, cold room (literally -- the floor was frigid) & we've totally brightened it up.

first, this fantastic/affordable dash & albert rug. some gorgeous succulents in galvanized bins ($4 each!). artwork my sweet friend made. two of my favorite frames & one of my favorite engagement photos -- and, it's organized! the charms of an old house include old cabinets with character. they perfectly hold paper towels, detergent (which ryan calls "washing machine soap" - he's so cute) and footballs on duck tape. my favorite part? the late afternoon sunlight that pours in.

let's just say it's a tad brighter/girlier than ryan would have made it, but hey i was considering hot pink for the walls & i do a lot of the laundry (wink, wink). plus, there are usually flight suits hanging up, so that makes it very manly. next ridiculous part of the house to show you? our pantry! (is anyone out there enjoying these?)