life & my new iphone!

i've long been a mac person (got my first one when i left for college), but just made the switch to the iphone & boy am i in love! for lots of reasons, but instagram is definitely one of them. it's so easy to capture our every day life & all those small moments that matter. if you're on, search for me at tulipsandflightsuits & it's making me a better tweeter, so follow me on twitter here!

from the top: ice cream outing (cliche, i know); saturday morning stop at one of my favorite local coffee houses; all dressed up for date night! (still didn't know where we were going, but my handsome husband was in a suit & tie and i got to wear this dress that works with my growing bump!); loving date night (fancy steak dinner!); sunday morning blueberry muffins!; lowes run (husband's favorite place to be); best score at local consignment sale -- $2 for trumpette mocs for our little one!; getting some fall color for our house!

happy monday!